About Us

“After 6 wonderful years, Elemental Kids is wrapping up its activity and closing shop. The journey since the start in 2010 has been unforgettable. Every holiday event we offered was an incredible experience for the children, facilitators and their families. I want to thank everyone that has been involved in what we have offered from the bottom of my heart, I could not have done it without you. Thank you!” – Tahirih Michot, Director

What we have been doing from 2010 to 2016

Elemental Kids was committed to the belief that memorable and enjoyable learning happens when children are active participants. We felt that it happens when children experience, discover and learn about themselves, others and the world around them by doing. It was for this reason that we created programmes and activities that took children on journeys of discovery and exploration. We sought to encourage the expression of children’s natural curiosity and with thoughtfully designed workshops that were filled with creative work, artistic expression, experiments, group projects, collaborative under-takings, games and out door activities. Our programmes were built around a particular elemental theme: fire, earth, water or air. We focused on the elements because they form the foundation of all life. Their exploration presented us with unlimited possibility to learn about the world.


Tahirih’s (founder and director) training and experience as an educator and life coach shaped the way in which all of the programme facilitators engage with children. The programmes were designed to nurture children’s self-esteem. This meant that the facilitators consciously focused on supporting children as they learned about themselves in relationship to others. This happened by focusing aspects of the programmes on relationship building, communication skills, problem solving, goal setting, planning and working as part of a team. Practices and activities that gave children the opportunity to take risks, learn from their mistakes, set goals, reflect on what they have achieved, give feedback and acknowledge their own and others achievements were built into the daily structure of the workshops in each programme! This way, we supported and empowered children as well!

Elemental Kids collaborated with a variety of individuals and organisations involved in the field of education. Our programmes were co-created by a team of people who brought together their unique talents and expertise to provide a rich learning experience for the children involved.

Plans for the Future

Tahirih Michot will continue to be involved in work with children through the Observatory Neighbourhood Afterschool (ONA) Project. However, her professional interests have shifted to focus on the professional capacity building and training company which she has formed with her husband, The Idea Processor.


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