Magical Water Safari!

What a wonderful watery week! I felt blessed to be able to witness the magic that happens when children are given the chance to do what they do best – play. This vital and often overlooked cognitive activity comes so naturally to them that one has to pay close attention to see the wealth of skills they acquire and the learning that takes place.

We made boats, we made friends, we devised talent shows, we collaborated, we laughed, we made rafts, we set of on expeditions, we came back shivering and shared hot chocolate, we told stories and we listened to stories, we created works of art and we just goofed off! And we were all more than just a little sad to say goodbye at the end of the week.



3 thoughts on “Magical Water Safari!

  1. It looks and sounds as if you have had an amazing event! Thank you very much Penny for your contribution and enthusiasm for the children, the programmes and the team. It has been a real pleasure working with you 🙂

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