A Magical week of Witches & Wizards!

An absolutely magical week took place during the final holiday event of the year at Kirstenbosch Stone Cottages! A wonderful group of children participated in the water event from the 6th to the 10th, focusing all their enthusiasm and energy into the group project which culminated on Friday. What is the connection between water, witches and wizards? I decided on the link was basically the use of water in making potions and magical concoctions. I thought it would be fun to make mixtures, try to distill oils from plans and blend ingredients fueled by the imagination of children to create rich stories in the process. Needless to say, we ended up doing much more than that!

We made sweet mixtures and wands for giant bubbles with Rene…

We carved fresh apples to make shrunken heads with Gary…

We made smoke bombs with Tahirih (that’s me!)…

Created beautiful art with Janet in the Art Space…

Took daily walks to the Kirstenbosch Arboretum stream to hang out, cool off in the water, hunt for tadpoles and hike to the mysterious tunnel…

Engaged in serious clan battles, alliances, sword and shield making, t-pee and compound development!

On the last day, the magical celebration (which was the group project) consisted of an action packed day, making and eating delicious home made snozzcumbers, burgers and hotdogs from the Magical Cafe, a spell battle, burning smoke bombs and relaxing under the shade of the massive oak trees to eat dessert (jelly with sour worms and marshmallow mice). What a brilliant event it was too 🙂

We had so much fun together that when the week come to an end, it was hard to say good bye. Children in the older group were swopping number so they could stay in touch. Younger children were hugging each other and planning play dates. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the year with so much incredible creativity and delight. Thank you very much to all the children and their families that participated in this event – we look forward to reconnecting again again in 2015 when we start running holiday event again. Until then, stay well and enjoy the summer 🙂


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