Festive Frontier Feasting!

We came together in true pioneering spirit in the first week of the holidays to explore the element of Fire and create a Festive Frontier Feast.

Our friendly fire that took the bite out of chilly days

Our friendly fire that took the bite out of chilly days

We began by choosing our frontiers and decided who and where we were. We began to create maps of our terrain, and think about what we would bring to the feast on Friday.

We also created 3D landscapes of our frontier terrain.

Creating a wild South African landscape

Creating a wild South African landscape

We even made our own up-cycled waste frontier fiery goblets from bottles. With much excitement!


And then the feasting!

Baked apple surprise

Baked apple surprise

Baked Apples on the fire
Core as many apples as you need, stuff the hollowed centre with a mix of raisins, honey and cinnamon.

Wrap in heavy duty tinfoil and place in the embers of your cooking fire.
After dinner remove the apples and unwrap to reveal a delicious desert.

Homemade bread
We used the Easy White Bread recipe from Baking Bread with Children, simply substituting some of the white flour with brown. We made rolls rather than a loaf so that each pioneer could get their own roll.

Bread rolls ready to rise to the occasion

Bread rolls ready to rise to the occasion

And what would bread be without butter? We made our own butter in jars, inspired by recipes found on A Thrifty Mom’s blog.

Butter in a jar

Butter in a jar

The little ones peeled and chopped and peeled and chopped and made the biggest pot of stew I have ever seen.

With hindsight - perhaps a second pot...

With hindsight – perhaps a second pot…

And a good thing too, given the number of guests at or Festive Frontier Feast. We all joined together around the feast table, using the collage quilt place-mats and other table decorations we had created to create a festive mood.

A qui

A quilt design place-mat

We ended our meal sharing the mud-pie brownies from Clare’s group’s volcano cave island.

Ready to bake!

Ready to bake!

And then it was time to share the volcanoes and dragon attacks that brought our landscapes to life before it was time to say goodbye and head home.

Postscript: This was an almost impossible blog to write. As I went through my journal from the week and all the photographs I couldn’t believe how much exploring, mud, fun, fire and feasting we squeezed into one week. Please do mosey on over to our Facebook album of the week and take a look.



One thought on “Festive Frontier Feasting!

  1. What an absolutely amazing week! So much abundance and exploration – thank you very much Penny for making the programme such a wonderous occasion for the children participating in the frontier experience 🙂

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