A Festival of Sails and Kites!

A week of holiday spent at the Imperial Yacht Club on the banks of the vlei in Lakeside was a thrilling experience for all of us – children, facilitators and parents. Even though it was the tail end of winter, the weather was perfect – warm, sunny and very windy. Our plan for the week was to build kites, learn how to sail and have a kite festival on Friday!


Making kites was enormously appealing for all the children attending the air holiday event. We started the process on Monday with the art space facilitator, Janet Ranson, teaching us how to make a small sled kite. By lunch time, colourful decorated kites were already whipping around in the afternoon currents of air!


On Tuesday the older children started working on much larger diamond kites in teams. It was a well received challenge – learning how to arrange, prepare, assemble and decorate the materials for the kite and its lovely long tail. Children worked in teams and took 2 to 3 days to collaboratively build kites for each other. Being able to spray paint their creations was a lot of fun and inspired some striking art 🙂 The fact that the kites flew really well and were amazing to watch was all part of the enjoyment. There were children outside flying their kites all week!


The younger group created different paper kites that turned out to be both beautiful and resilient in the strong gusty air! First they made gold fish kites and there was even a squid!


Next they made small aerodynamic paper kites…which some of the older children enjoyed making and flying too 🙂


In between all the kite making and flying, there was also a lot of activity in the art space! Children created wooden boats – a huge hit was not even dampened when there was no more wood to make new boats with 🙂



Children also made lots of beautiful things to hang in the wind…like mobiles that whirled and clanged 🙂




And of course we sailed and paddled and swam all week!





The week ended with a kite festival that involved playing games! There was the chocolate game…


Toss the bottle top…


Eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate…


And flying kites of course!


It was a beautiful week of abundant activity but there was always time to simply sit and watch the ducks swim too 🙂



5 thoughts on “A Festival of Sails and Kites!

  1. hey my love,how wonderful! So well written and documented! Love the pics too :)You are so very skilled in these type of activities too (reports etc.) my talented and efficient love, hope you’ll manage a great day with your dad today… sending you lots of love and kisses!xxx

    Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 06:42:45 +0000 To: michoteric@hotmail.com

  2. This was such a wonderful week. The best one yet! Pia and Yva loved every moment of it. We really appreciate everything you and your team put into making these weeks so wonderful. Pia is booked on Lindsey’s sailing course and dragging her dad to the boat show this weekend. You made a sailor there! It was like living in Swallows and Amazons for the week. Extra thanks for sending extra materials home with Yva to make a big kite. She and Pia finished it that evening!! And I promise to stop by to fetch lost property this week. I did forget!! Love the Prozeskys

    • Dear Alexandra – thank you for the wonderful feedback! I am delighted that your girls enjoyed the programme so much. They bring so much enthusiasm, excitement and energy with them when they participate in the activities. It is such great news that Pia is sailing with Linsay – she really loved it. This you will be spending many hours as a family next to the banks of the vlei in the future! Dont worry about the lost property – it is safe 🙂

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