Each to his own

Who was it that said, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”? Wise words indeed. The week of Build your own adventure, I did not work a single day. I went home at the end each day tired and dirty, having loved every second of it.

I love being part of children’s expanding world. The discovery of who they are in their surroundings and in relation to those around them.

Although we have set activities and a timeline that guides what we do every day, there is a lot of freedom for children to choose whether they want to take part or just have some quite time in the art space. Given the space to just be, children blossomed.

There was the boy who spent hours in the art space to help centre him-self, managing feelings of frustration.

6- Year olds learning to use tools: Sawing bits off pieces of bamboo and cutting bits off wire from the roll for the pure pleasure of it and because they can.

Children working out that even when in conflict with one-another they can take responsibility for their actions. The boys were too upset to resolve their conflict immediately; however, they were willing to come together the following day and discuss what each needed and what each would do differently.

In order to get the forts built. Children had to work as a team. There was discussion, negotiation, compromise and a lot of giving one another a hand. (Skills that every one of us need.) Children naturally gravitating toward what their strength was and what they were comfortable with.

Teamwork was also in the order of the day for the adults. Doing what we are best at, our skills complimented each other.

And then off course there was a bit of a learning curve for me. As part of the clean up on Friday we also had a trash collection-competition. There was only a prize for the team that collected the most trash. I was not specific enough in what could be added to the trash, the result a very close competition with one team being deeply disappointed. Will I do it again – yes! With a couple of changes.

I started the next week, in my “other incarnation” inspired, energized and deeply satisfied with a job well done.


3 thoughts on “Each to his own

  1. What a fabulous holiday week our daughter had! Such lovely, natural, down to earth, basic fun, lessons & interactions…what every child needs in this electronic, fast paced, artificially lit era we’re all jostling about in! Thanks Tahirih & team, you are all giving our kids an opportunity to grow & blossom in their holidays!

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