Celebrating Food with a Harvest Festival!

We spent the last week in March at a new venue in Greenpoint creating a Harvest Festival to celebrate food during the first Earth Holiday Event of 2013! A group of enthusiastic children worked together for 4 days to develop and exciting festival that consisted of a lot of eating and running!

The planning process started with all the children imagining what they wanted to do at the festival, working with a partner and then presenting their ideas to the group.

They wanted to eat: nachos, pancakes, waffles, matzo, chicken soup with matzo balls and steamed dumplings.

They wanted to have: hula hoop games, 3 legged races, egg races, ball games and running races! So this is what we did…

Since almost everything they wanted to eat was made from flour, we started with grinding our own, making bread and matzos on the fire.

Flour was used in the art space to create art too! Along with sprouting wheat seeds, potatoes and eggs…it was a food celebration after all!

On the day of the festival everything was prepared. We had a games and food team work together to make sure the activities and food were organised.

The food team started cooking first thing in the morning while the games team made the fire. We started with pancakes…

They were cooked in our outdoor kitchen!

This deliciousness was followed by scrumptious waffles and steamed dumplings!

The final course of the day was home made chicken soup and fire baked matzos!

In between all the eating there was a lot of running around, races and certificates being handed out!

It was a wonderful way to celebrate food with a child inspired harvest festival! All the children seemed to own the space, appreciate what they and others had to offer in the process. The acknowledgement circle at the end of the day was filled with happy children acknowledging everyone in the group for being their friend and making the week so special!


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