A river runs through it & allows for splashing fun!

I agree with Julian Melck when he says his farm, Kersefontein, is a kid’s paradise. With green lawns, a river to swim in, farm animals, big shady trees and thousands of hectares to explore, it truly was an ideal location for the kids programme while their parents attend a conference on the neighbouring Doornfontein farm.

The programme was structured in a way that we do creative activities and a walk every day, but also leaving ample time for playing and swimming! In the summer heat the swimming was a welcome relief and opportunity to cool down, while it also offered the boys the chance to play with mud from the river, making ‘mud bombs’!

We explored the farm, and used collected natural materials like leaves, sand, grass, bark and twigs to create a collage, sand image, design for fabric printing, and a small tree sculpture. Through painting, printing, making paper and gluing we had a lot of (messy) fun!

To see more photographs of the week, see the Elemental Kids Facebook page. For more information about Kersefontein, view their website at www.kersefontein.co.za.


One thought on “A river runs through it & allows for splashing fun!

  1. Janet this is a fantastic blog entry about the programme!! Thank you for such beautiful pictures. You and Patsy ran an amazing programme with the children 🙂

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