All about “Froglets”…

Today we worked on developing our various group projects but the underlying motivation, interest and energy seemed to centre on catching, watching and being near tadpoles in the arboretum stream. They are now fondly known as “froglets”! Two of the group projects involve them as a main feature. Rene’s group is creating a fort with a restaurant that has tadpoles as an attraction! Tahirih’s group is making tadpole environments! Only Bridget’s group is working on a project without their presence…a fort with a two day party called the “Jungle Project”. This is where the age differences begin to appear. Even so, the boys from Bridget’s group have volunteered the tadpole catching services to support the younger groups with their projects.

However, everyone still loved going to the stream and exploring the watery worlds where tadpole live. All three groups made their way back to the arboretum for an afternoon adventure. Tahirih and Bridget went upstream with their groups. It was an exciting journey through rocky banks, hanging trees, mini-waterfalls , teeming pools and even a dark tunnel. Everyone loved the experience. Rene’s group focused on trying to catch tadpoles for their restaurant attraction. It looks like the next three days are going to be a lot fun with all the activities each group has planned…stay tuned to find out what happens 🙂


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