An “Elemental” Summer Journey

This is our first summer holiday event since we started up in 2010! Since we had already run 4 events that covered the 4 elements, we decided to leave this one open ended and see what emerge from the children’s interests. So the theme is ‘elemental’ and this children are being asked to say what they want to do this week. The facilitating team (Rene, Bridget, Tahirih, Clare and Andisiwe) is there to guide the process and help shape their interests and ideas! Judging by the ideas and enthusiasm from the children today, this is going to be fun! Things are still uncertain but taking on some shape:

Bridget’s group – a fort, a stick training school, daily tribe events, food, possibly a sleep over, sculpture and activities at the stream.

Tahirih’s group – boat races on the stream, a treasure hunt which goes from the stream to Kirstenbosch, building large 3D objects and building a real tent.

Rene’s group – a fort with a restaurant and tadpoles as a tourist attraction.

You can see there are some common themes here! Tomorrow children will be able to develop their ideas further, then present them to each other and the whole group. It is possible that all three groups will merge their ideas to create something no-one is thinking about at the moment.

In between the project planning, the children played a wonderful fantasy game which involves tribes, stick battles and rulers. A lot of children opted to work in the creative space at some point in the day, making beautiful paper mandala with Clare and other artistic creations. All three groups took a walk to the nearby arboretum to visit the stream and hang out on the grassy banks while they search for tadpoles and other forms of abundant life. My group found several crabs too!

We worked on a basic personality test to support the group work process. The idea is to discover what you have to contribute to a group and how to build on  each others  natural strengths. Children discovered if they were an eagle, tiger, peacock or elephant which refers to categories of analytical, driver, expressive or amiable. It is not an exact test but some thing which gives an indication of personal preferences. It was interesting to see how the children responded to what they were, they seemed to begin looking for similarities between themselves and others more openly. I even had two children that were both elephants find out they had their birthday on the same date in the same month which they thought was amazing!!

To see pictures, visit the facebook page:


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