A sailing extravaganza!

Friday arrived and we prepared for the long awaited “Sailing Regatta”! The children were very excited and couldn’t wait to get out onto the water to test their rafts with paddles. Hundreds of questions and comments later we were all finally seated under a tree to watch a play by Bridget;s group. It was hilarious and involved some alternative reality switch up. Strange characters found themselves inside a video game without a remote to escape at the end. Everyone loved it!

Our faces filled with smiles, we made our way down to the edge to the Duck Pond where all four rafts were ready to be launched. Patsy blew the whistle and the children were off! The youngest group proved to be the most efficient paddlers…smooth, synchronised strokes carried them swiftly to the other side of the pond. Clare’s group had the additional sailing experience from Kevin to support their flow across the water and ended up doing really well in all 3 races!

The regatta involved three races. The first race – to get across the Duck Pond anyway you can. The second race – to retrieve a flag from the reeds the same colour as your raft’s banner and return it to the shore. The final race – to simply paddle home. The children loved the experience! They worked together enthusiastically as teams and supported one another in the process.

After the races, everyone had a chance to simply relax and hang out. We built a fire, prepared toasted cheese sandwiches and relaxed in the sunshine. Groups were able to go out again on a sailing boat before the end of the day and hang out on their rafts. Janet and Clare took a small group out for a nature art walk that involved creating a fence installation from flowers and reeds.

When the end of the day arrived, there were prolonged good byes, promises to stay in touch, plans to come back again! It was another wonderful programme which left everyone ready to a good weekend rest 🙂


2 thoughts on “A sailing extravaganza!

  1. That was such a wonderful week for Erynne & her new friends…so much adventure, excitement, outdoor fun, activity & laughter!! Thank you all for all your efforts & investment into our kids!!

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