Floating rafts, crafting masks & flags

And the rafts are floating!  Today the rafts were tested, and only the Super Raft group still needs to test theirs tomorrow morning, with a bit of time to repair or do damage control before the Regatta.  Even without the foresight and excitement of the Regatta, though, the fun and satisfaction that the kids already got from the rafts are worth all the work and effort!

The rafts are not the only highlight for the week. Clare’s Nature Walks have proven to be a hit, and on Wednesday when the weather did not permit it, a nature art  and poetry session with Janet & Clare filled the post-lunch spot.  We didn’t take any photos during this relaxing and inspiring moments, but the following poem is inspired by the same technique we used to write our poems, and also by some of this week’s gusts and torrents:

Blowing Sweeping
Sails Windmills Dust
Rushing through our hair 

Here’s some more moments from this week’s art section:

Wednesday we made windmills and rockets, and based on the rocket design above (Janet’s example rocket and Luca’s creation with it’s orange triangular flames), Micah made the following pencil-holder vehicle today:

On Tuesday we used the power of the air from our lungs to manipulate paint on paper – creating trails and tails and interesting shapes by blowing through a straw to ‘move’ the blobs of paint around.

Noah with his splatter creation, created on Tuesday

And today the kids created some masks using paper plates, wool, paint, bits of paper and elastic string:

Hero wearing her colorful bear mask

Joshua’s scientist mask

Iman with her beautiful paint splattered mask 

Joshua and Micah on mask-making-day

And, of course, the flag for each raft was created and painted in the art section, each group or raft with their own colour:  red, green, orange and green.

Painting  flags for the rafts

This is truly a week filled with laughter, sharing, creating, sailing, playing, challenges, learning, swimming and floating on big air-filled plastic bottle bags.

One thought on “Floating rafts, crafting masks & flags

  1. Hey there Janet! This is such a lovely post – I love the pictures you have included from the art space. Thank you for all the amazing work you do with the children during the programmes!!

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