The Big Bad Bag Bottle Test

Perfect weather on the vlei meant lucky us as we had a yacht adventure planned.

Leah and Jessica out and about.

We were so fortunate to be visited by Kevin a matric student and keen sailor who happens to also be very good with children. In groups of 5 we strapped ourselves into our life jackets and learned about tacking and booms swinging as we sailed up the vlei. The wind got stronger throughout the day so sailing improved. The children let their model rafts drift behind them as they sailed. Some discovered that string was indeed hardier than glue.

Fynn waxing tacking.

Then came preparation for The Big Bad Bag Bottle Test…. (how many bottles does it take to float how many children??)

The Big Bag

We begun by guessing how many bottles were in the huge bag from the recycling depot to begin with. It seems most of us were off the mark by thousands of bottles. We seemed to be drowning in grubby plastic bottles.

Luca and Fynn

Much gasping of “disgusting” and “yuk” was heard as each team had to wash and sort hundreds of recycled plastic drinking bottles for the big bag.

The lure of testing the bag on the water kept everyone working like a machine till the job was done. Finally each team had clean capped bottles in their big bag.

The Big Bad Bag Bottle Test was now ready to launch. Peeking out of life jackets Tahirih’s team was the first in the water – they seemed to fit 5 children comfortably on top of the massive bag. Their long bamboo poles helped them stay safely in the small vlei and Sankara playing dock-yard-duty made sure his pole could be grabbed – if the crew felt they might be drifting off. Clare’s team joined Tahirih’s and all who wanted to got a turn on the bag.

Bridget’s team: (now named The Black Pearl in readiness for the regatta) managed 7 children on their bag at one point.

Patsy’s team were the last to launch – their faces beaming with pride and excitement as they drifted onto the vlei.

The day was over. Mission accomplished. We know we can float a few of us at a time. Excitement for the regatta is building. Tomorrow we climb a new mountain…building our raft structure.


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