Through-out the week children has had the opportunity to acknowledge each other. The children who have been on the programs before were very familiar with it and asked about whether we would be doing acknowledgements.  We ask each child to acknowledge at least one other child and often have someone who has two or more children they would like to acknowledge. I am always amazed at how eager they are to do this.

There are many reasons for acknowledgement and why we do them. They are often spoken out loud so, we publicly give credit for something someone has done. By making an acknowledgement we thank someone. We let them know that we appreciate them, that we have noticed that they have done something extraordinary.  Pretty much like the credits at the end of a movie.

Declan’ self portrait.

Today children drew self portrait; then we asked everybody to write an acknowledgement on each other’s picture. What amazed me was how excited children were to read what was written on their paper.  I am struck again by how seriously children take this assignment.

Children writing acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from the younger group

The highlight of the final day was the premier of our stop frame animation movie. The great thing of watching it was the children’s faces when they recognised a voice or a scene that someone’s particular input made possible. Most probably one of the greatest acknowledgements there are, spontaneously laughing, clapping or pointing when something touches you!

Look at the expressions!

That’s you!

Then, I have one more thought; how often do we as adults create the space for acknowledgement? How often do we stop and ask children to acknowledge others? Yes, they need acknowledgement and at the same time they also need to be given the space and time to acknowledge those around them. And yes, even six year olds get this.


One thought on “Acknowledgement

  1. this is such a great entry Patsy!! Thank you sharing the last day with such detail and feeling. It was a wonderful process…and your question is a great one to ask. How often do we acknowledge each other as adults or support children in this process or skill development too?

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