Filming making and hand crafted candles…

There were two major activities taking place today – we were making a film and handcrafting candles! Bridget and Jacqueline worked with children to film their collective story which Patsy and I (Tahirih) worked with children on making clay candles.

In the ‘film studio’ the set was created by early comers with Bridget’s assistance. The backdrop was hung up, boxes were placed underneath to build a stage for the forest of trees and bushes. Characters were attached to sosatie sticks and carefully placed on lumps of clay throughout the magical forest. The stage for the film was in place…now we just needed the film crew. Organising 26 children so that everyone had a chance to work on the film set and play an active role in the process took some planning. We have 3 different crews throughout the day to make sure this happened. Groups of 8 to 10 children worked together for an hour to create the movie. They worked with the script, adjusted the set, manipulated characters and took pictures. It was a exciting process!

The children who were not actively part of the film process created their handcrafted clay candles. This involved making a decorated pinch pot, shaving crayons to colour the wax and filling the clay container to the top with a carefully balanced wick inside! Working with clay and wax is always a relaxing experience and today was no different. There lots of clay and wax covered hands by the end of each session. Why is warm wax on finger tips so eternally satisfying? Next time we make candles for a holiday programme I am going to make sure we have enough so the children can create wax hand sculptures too 🙂


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