The Tear of Destiny

We had another JAM-PACKED day.

When Jacqueline arrived for our morning work-session the children presented the story that they have chosen as the script for our movie. As the story was untitled, we needed to come up with a title. Nine suggestions were given and then the children voted in three rounds to determine the winner. The title for our movie: The Tear of Destiny.

To do list

How does a dragon move?

Then the hard work started. Children were paired up and tasks assigned. The story needed to be edited to its’ core message; distilled if you will. Characters needed to be created. Designed and constructed in such a way that they are articulated. At the same time the moving parts must be kept to a minimum in order to simplify the shooting process.  We spent time moving around the space to see what the characters could possibly look like when they moved. The character creators were invited to use some of the input in the creating process. And also a set with backdrops needed to be created to frame the action.

The design of the characters was a smooth process. The pairs discussed, collaborated, went to the room next door to check scale, redrew and kept at it till it was the right size. The next part was a little more complex. Some children did not quite grasp how the parts needed to be created separately and the attached in some manner that will allow it to move. The example of the man that we made to a great extend supported the children who made the boy in the story. However, once the phoenix was complete and it could serve as an example, the other characters creation moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Discussing scale

The sum of the part is almost a whole

I saw the beginning of the set when we went next door to check on scale; the next time I went next door was to see how the painting of the phoenix was coming along, and golly gee!!! There was a forest!

Trees for the forest

The end of the day saw all the characters done and the sets complete. All ready for another jam packed day tomorrow.       


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