The Animation of Illumination begins!

Today was the start a very exciting and slightly daunting new project – creating a stop motion film about fire! It turns out that film making is not new to many of the children involved in the programme this week. A number have family members who work in the film industry and they were happy to share their personal knowledge and experience with others this morning!What is new is creating a stop motion film.

Jacqueline van Meygarden, from Cosmos Productions, joined us too! She brought a number of stop motion animation films for children to watch and discuss. We saw a film made from paper, another created from plasticine and recycled materials and another using lots of different materials.The group talked about the difference between 2-d and 3-d films and what is involved in creating a stop motion films. Elijah (who is only 7)knew that it takes 25 pictures to create 1 second of film footage! This information presented the group with a real challenge…how long will it take to create a long movie? Hmmm….they were not sure but as the discussion progressed it seemed that the need for something long was winning out over the practicalities!

The goal for the week is to create one film that everyone participates in, so after watching different films all together they moved into their different group and began to create a different story. Each group was to present their story to the other group by the end of the day and then we choose which one we want as a whole group. Not an easy process with so many creative and imaginative children! The stories were robust, filled with action and quite a lot of disaster.  Bridget’s group decided to create a mythical comedy and their final story involved a boy, a dragon, phoenix, unicorn, life giving tear and mysterious forest. Patsy’s group created a 3 part tale about a boy born in fire who has special powers – he puts out a burning mountain with the touch of his hand and prevents a flood too! In the end the story that both groups selected was from Bridget’s group. It appeal had a lot to do with the way it was told by Josh and Thaddeus…sound effects and all. The children loved it!

Tomorrow…we start making characters and sets! Whoo hoo another brilliant day which was interspersed with a lot of intense round-a-bout activity, soccer and seesawing…


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