They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ve just scrolled through the pictures that were taken over the last two days of our water programme. Of course, now the extremely difficult task of selecting the ones to post fall to me. Just so that you know the extent of the task; we have taken 238 pictures on Thursday and today.

Every single one important, valuable, relevant. Every single one tells a story or a chapter in a story. Every single one worth 1000 words.

There are the ones with children wearing their newly printed T-shirts. Proudly looking the camera in the eye with postures that proclaim: I made this! Pictures of children in Kirstenbosch gardens looking, touching exploring.

Pictures of children rehearsing the play they created with each person assigned a roll or responsibility that ensures they are included, but does not push them too far out of their comfort zone.

There are pictures of children working hard at making 30 boats for boat races, putting as much effort into the ones that others will use as they put into their own.

And then of course there are the pictures of the water festival today, in fairly windy conditions.

The not-too-sturdy cube that we spent hours building and decorating and that was designed to “house “  the festival, was blown down minutes before the festival commenced. However, the show must go on and the play; The Fierce and the Wonderful came off without a hitch (well, too many hitches). A picture captures the sea monster getting  stuck in the tree; and some of the set blew away. The audience loved though. I have a picture to prove it.

Water Magic, all tricks that involve water, was performed by the youngest group. I all but burst with pride as my six and seven year olds EXTREMELY confidently performed their tricks.

And then we were off to the races. Not exactly Dragon Boats, but just as much fun. Luckily we did not have any photo-finishes. Every-one got a chance to race and the winner was not as important as the experience.

As every festival (at least the ones I’ve been to) has food, we finished off with pizza and hot chocolate.

The pictures though that I love and that resonate deeply with me are the ones of children at play, laughing, making friends, showing off to one another, being silly. And luckily there are many of them; the ones showing children being children.


2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. they are all blessed to be there… in this world where ‘connect’ is being connected to everything APPLE, they get to be connected to other people and nature and their own creativity for 5 days. thank you darlings, for another nurturing experience xxx the triplets loved it xxx

  2. I loved the confidence with which Yva told us all about the magic water tricks she and her group performed. And I totally second what Rahla said. Connected to nature, creativity and each other is how we want to stay!!

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