day 4 fun for all


The fantasy game in amongst the trees that has been brewing all week was immediately underway as soon as the first child arrived for the day. Their password was renegotiated from ‘Devils Feathers’ and (slow motion) stick fighting continued full tilt amidst other activities such as camouflaging the ‘base camp’ entrance and ardent peacemaking. Noah was heard to yell : ‘this is the best day of my life’.  A thrilling story unfolding that has most of the children fashioning their long bamboo sticks and forming alliances amongst tribal families, lords and kings.

Sitting in the circle formally beginning our day in the stone cottage we reviewed the goals that each of us had set from the previous day and discovered that for the most part 100% was achieved. New friends were made, the cube (for our Water Festival) was completed and the shirts printed. Feeling very accomplished we readied ourselves for the short walk to Kirstenbosch Gardens, most children proudly wearing their new screen printed shirts.

Our Kirstenbosch experience began in the succulent hot house. Gidon was enthusiastic that he understood why we were learning about succulents on the Water Program. Then heading out into the sunshine the children walked the paths. Our group stood out from the rest of the guests – by the tall sticks that most children insisted on carrying by their sides. They were having to learn a new skill with their bamboo: “your stick is just a walking stick remember” was an often heard reminder. Happily no garden guest was bonked on the head.

Back at our stone cottage we had lunch. We completely relaxed while Tahirih read us a story. Refreshed each group began their individual preparations for Friday’s Water Festival.

Bridget’s group had fun creating a play – The Fierce and Wonderful.

Tahirih’s group made an impressive variety of racing boats from recycled material to be put to the test tomorrow.

Patsy’s group chilled out on the swing after preparing for their ‘magic act’.  Happy Harry Potters.

The children’s fantasy game slowly called them back to ‘base camp’ where new alliances amongst royalty and courageous feats were commonplace.

Another great day was had by all.  Excited for tomorrow the children headed home.


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