It is amazing what can be acheived in one day!


All I can say is that we were really busy today! The sun came out, we all felt warm and happy to be outside and our energy was abundant…so we used it! The morning was spent completing the wooden structures for our festival on Friday…

A roof made from lashed  lata (bamboo) was created. It involved measuring, sawing and tying. Elijah, Luca and Micah were sawing.  Noah was measuring. Fynn and Micah worked really well as a team creating a tightly held series of bamboo pieces. Guy and Ayla used a different approach, inventing their knots as they went along. Leyla was the string shop person! Once the bamboo was on, the roof was attached by the stalwart assembling team – Keira, Abby, Pia and Luca. They carried the completed unit over and set it down on the floor covering arranged by Micah and Ayla (it also involved the measuring tap!)

With our structures completed we settled into lunch and then headed off to visit the stream in the arboretum! This was another thrilling adventure which involved walking in the stream, up and down. It was an hour of endless delight as gumboots were filled and emptied, clothes became soggy, hair moist, rocks rearranged. grass banks explored, things lost and found, there was even a saving or two. In fact, Noah was assisted twice with a snagged boot! The first time was by Elijah – he removed the trapped boot and helped Noah to safety. The second time was by Guy who pulled a trapped boot out of mud and helped Noah back to dry land.

Back at the Stone Cottage, with dry clothes on and some food in our bellies, the final activity of the day began…t-shirt printing! In teams of 3, children prepared their shirts, selected their design, arranged the screen, added printing ink and learned how to pull a squeegee across the material. The outcome was sheer homemade magic!

Our day seemed to come to an end far too soon. The plan for tomorrow? A walk in Kirstenbosch and group preparation for the festival on Friday.


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