Wet, Wet, Wet!


Yesterday during our check in at the end of the day, we discussed the two things we wanted (and needed) to accomplish today, which  was build the frame work for the cubes that will house our water festival and complete all the designs for our T-shirt printing. Somewhere in the back of our minds was the fact that today was suppose to be a rainy day. Not that we took that into consideration, after all;  it’s Cape Town, it’s winter and it rains. And if a little rain stops us, or any Capetonians for that matter, nothing will ever get done.

So, here is how it played out.

We started our day with introducing the children that joined us today for the first time and then set goals for ourselves. The children set goals from eating all their snack, to making three new friends, to  being kind, to acting as mediators for the “tribes”.  Off course after all that talking and goal setting  we were starved and had to have our first snack, and then we played for a bit. Why you ask, because we can!

Then the serious business of a hour and half work session. Half the children worked with Janet, our artist to make designs that can be printed on T-shirts. The other half of the children worked with Bridget and myself on completing the framework for the cubes.  L-brackets needed to be screwed on to  wood to make up  4 square frames. We found that some of the holes were in the wrong place and new holes needed to be drilled. Putting on the first brackets are easy , as the frame can lay flat on the ground and screwing happens in a downward motion, screwing two pieces of wood together to make a L and then U and then a square proved a little harder. We had holders and screw-ers and a store man that handed out supplies as they were needed and at the same time the team work was so amazing that we complete three and a half frames at the end of the work session.

Janet showing an example of completed project

Discussing designs

Pia lining up two corners

Leah demonstrating perserverance

Then a number of restless and intrepid souls got rain-geared up and went for a walk to the river. The rest of us, and (dare I say the more sane ones) stayed inside with the crackling fire and quiet activities.

Rain? What rain?

The heavens opened and rain came down in buckets, the wind howled (three umbrellas bent back) and the intrepid adventurers arrived back with a bang. They were wet, wet, wet.  Dry clothes was donned, borrowed and lent. The heater was set up with some of the wet stuff and everybody, warm and dry settled into a quiet activity. There was this hum in the room, almost like a smooth running engine.  Tahirih remarked that the timing was perfect, as just then the sluice-gates opened and it rained even harder!

Another hour work session saw the uprights for the cubes being prepped and the rest of the t-shirt designs drawn.

Assembly line construction

Team work

Then we had Milo!

We wrapped up our day with checking on our goals. A great majority of the children accomplished what they had personally set out to achieve.  An opportunity to acknowledge someone was given and again children eagerly grabbed the chance to acknowledge the kindnesses, the special bonds and other random acts that touched them.

A perfect winter’s day! And yeah, the sun will come out tomorrow…


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