A celebration of water begins!


It is wonderful to be running a programme again! This morning was the first day of the winter Water Holiday event. Our focus for this coming week is to create a festival to celebrate ‘blue gold’. Our new venue is at the Kirstenbosch Stone Cottage in Newlands and it is perfect! For lots of pictures from the day, visit the Elemental Kids Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elemental-Kids/159517027449209

There were a lot of reunions this morning as children arrived. These programmes are becoming more like a holiday ‘club’ as relationships are formed between children across different ages, schools and neighborhoods. New children joining us for the first time, were quickly absorbed into the holiday collective and by first break it was as if they had always been with the group too. It is a wonderful thing to see and experience.

So what did we do today? As usual we spent time getting to know each others names and making agreements about how we want to be treated during the week. Being kind to one another was high on the list of expectations. After that we went into our different group to begin developing our ideas for the water festival on Friday. It was an exciting process of brainstorming and exploration. Bridget’s group is creating a story that they want to perform! Patsy’s group is considering watery experiments and magic! My group has decided to make boats for everyone so they can have boat races. My group’s plan to have boat race on the nearby stream led us into an impromptu search for a good racing spot. Patsy’s group joined us for this adventure that led us along rocky stream beds, into rushing rivulets, through bushy trails…resulting in a quite a few wet feet and a whole lot of fun!

After lunch we started working on our festival structure – the children are collectively creating a wooden cube that they will use on friday. This involves complex tasks – drilling and assembling the parts. We set up teams and have made a good start already…though it turns out that screwing pieces of wood together is not as easy as it looks on TV (as one child pointed out!).

In between all this there was a spontaneous fantasy play taking place outside which involved bases, forts, battles, swords, magical forests, hidden treasure and endless hours of group fun…Wow… and it is only Monday 🙂


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