Bread, borewors and treasure hunting…

Copy of day 5 030

It was day 4 of the Earth Holiday Event and what a busy day it was! Today children had a chance to speak to Mark from Crysalis Academy about the baboons which visited us on Monday and Wednesday. He gave a short presentation and then answered their questions. They had tons! We learned that baboons are 7 times faster and 7 times stronger than people and that the alpha male of this troop is called Elvis!

Not long after Mark’s visit, Bridget performed a second story for the group. It was another entertaining highlight!

The rest of the day was basically spent preparing for the parent’s visit at the end of the day. Bridget’s group worked hard on the treasure hunt – creating the map and helping younger children figure out what they could do. They also built the fire for our bread making. My group and Patsy’s group learned how to make bread! We had a test run – making and cooking the bread – so the children would be able to ‘teach’ their parents how to do it when they arrived at 4pm. This test run was loads of fun! Hot fresh bread with butter and jam…YUM 🙂

day 4 095

In between all the treasure hunting, fire tending and bread production, there was a lot of time to work on their huts, play with each other and create magical things in the art room.

When the parents arrived at the end of th day we had a wonderful time all together! I could see that children loved being able to lead them around to see their forts and show them how to cook their bread. It alwasy amazes me how eager and freely children share what they know and understand with the world around them, such a wonderful quality!

To see lots of pictures visit our facebook album:


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