Creativity among the trees and rocks

day 3 111

There is a limitless amount of creativity, fresh ideas and thirst for new experiences within all of us, and even MORE so in kids, since they don’t suppress it in the way that we as grownups do. I revel in the way that each of the children create and make anything and everything without fear of judgement, without fear of failure, without the fear that the creation might not turn out the way they want it to.

Some have made handmade recycled paper, and also funky wind-chimes. Almost everyone has made some type of decoration, signage or item to enhance the group’s fort. We’ve also been playing and creating with clay – something everyone seems to enjoy!

Almost every creation has its own story to tell – characters from fantasy or TV, flowers made from reclaimed or re-purposed plastic bottles, and signs and flags with the skull and bones akin to pirate ships.

With the pirate symbolism and several boat-like vessels made by the boys from empty Coke bottles, someone could easily be fooled into thinking that we’re focusing on the Water element… However, look at the branches used as staffs and swords, the leaves used to cover the forts, our wooden huts, the paper (derived from trees, of course!) used for so many different art creations, and clay – we can clearly see how special and important the Earth element is for all of us – it creates a place for us to play, a place to create, and a home for the many amazing creatures who share our spaces with us.

As an artist, I am learning this week that I need to find the child in myself again, to truly grow and fully experience my own gift of creativity again.

Over and out, my fellow cadets!
Your onsite Earth artist,


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