It’s a Wrap!


To me it seems that the year has picked up momentum and we are now at the stage where time passes so quickly that it is a blur. The week of our water program certainly clipped along at a break-neck-pace.

On Tuesday during the afternoon session, children wrote poems about the movement of water. On Wednesday they started a paper mache frames for their poem. These frames were now dry enough for them to complete. First children copied their poems onto a piece of paper that would fit on the inside of their frame. Once these were glued down, the decoration could start. The decoration folowed the paper mache technique- paper and glue. Each table had a selection of coloured and patterned paper that children could use. The challenge was that they had to tear the paper into shapes to use. Children got stuck in with happy chattering filling the room as they worked.

Robin Ryan, Daniel and Jacob working on the poems and frames.

A room humming with creativity

With the poem project complete and drying, It was time to think about food (again!). We were planning boerewors rolls for lunch with the big kids in charge of the fire and the cooking.

Lighting the fire-a skill South Africans are born with

And while we waited for the fire and the food…

Bridget and Luke holding the slip and slide while weights are found.

Just add water. (and a little soap)

Sammy adding some flair

Raphael’s turn

What amazed me is how the children also took on the responsiblilty of straightening the slide, adjusting the weights and adding soap and water every so often. The soap and water person watched carefully to see where the children actually made contact with the slide so that the soap could be put where it would be most effective.

Off course we set up the slide where it would be most sheltered and the children out of the breeze and therefore warmest. The run-on to the slide got systematically pushed back all the way to the edge of the vlei, exposing the children to the stiff breeze. The patiently waited their turn even if they were freezing.

Tariq sliding off the edge

(The picture above shows how far back the children have moved. Fynn is standing in line with where the starting point originally was.)

Before we knew it the fire was ready, sausages cooked and children fed. Off course, and I think this is becoming an Elemental Kids tradition, you can’t have a fire and not cook marshmallows. The fire was just warm enough to toast them to the perfect shade of…, well toast.

Andrea Van Meygaarden, who did the fabulous popcorn activity during our fire week, told the children the wonderful story of Elephant and his wife Rain. The children were completely captivated as they listened to how the boastfull elephant was taught a lesson by his gentle wife. The end of the story also signalled the end of the planned program for the day.

The only thing left for children to do was take their birdbaths out of the moulds and washing off the exess sand.

Jacob with his brand new birdbath


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