An exploration of flight begins…

Snack time and socialising!


Swords, pinwheels, pompoms, stories and sunshine, that is what our first day of the air event seemed to consist of. Children reunited with each other this morning outside under the strangely warm winter sun…it felt like summer! Thaddeus and Joshua had been with us during the Earth Event in April and were overjoyed when they heard the triplets were coming back. They kept asking when they were arriving and when they finally did their smile stretched from ear to ear. Gidon, Layla and Sammy were over joyed to see Matthew again, since they had been together during the recent Fire Event in June. Isabella and Emma really enjoyed each other’s company too and were happy to be together again! Micah had his friends, Luca and Guy, join the programme too and they had a lot of fun together. Anniyah joined us again (she was also part of the Earth Event) along with her little sister Saarah…their mom said they were counting down the day until the programme started! It is great to have so many children coming back to join us again. Friendships formed during holiday programmes can be wonderful. Sometimes very different from school and the social patterns of that space.  

lots of ideas…

Apart from playing a lot we also started our exploration of flight this morning. My group and Patsy’s group began by developing a possible story for the puppet play the children will be performing on Friday.  My group brainstormed ideas for possible stories and broke up into teams of two to come up with different ideas. They were all really excited and made very funny stories!

The entertaining Air Show skit by Emma and Isabella!

The afternoon was focused on the first step of the puppet making process. It involved rolling paper to make a wand which was slowly transformed into pompoms and a pinwheel. It took concentration, determination and ultimately resulted in beautiful objects that respond to the movements of air too 🙂

Rolling news paper, step one

Jill introducing step three…creating a pin wheel

What the final result was…a pinwheel!

Now that we can roll paper, make pompoms, cut out squares, make paper patterns, we are one step closer to creating a paper puppet of bird. Before that though we have to find out what it feels like to fly through the air and that will be tomorrow morning when we head off to the SA Circus School!


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