A visit to the forge!


The day began with writing the plans for the day one the board. Three big things were planned for the day. Activity one: REVEAL THE SOAP.  Activity two: VISIT THE FORGE.  And activity three : BURN STUFF.  And of course due to popular demand we were making bread before burning stuff.

The soap has completed it’s chemical processes and the ingredients have successfully (and in my mind magically) yielded soap. Tahirih and her group unwrapped the swaddled bundle and had the first look at the soap.  It now has to sit uncovered for another 12 hours before it can be turned out and in the mean time children worked at creating packaging for themselves and a member of the younger team.

The younger children also revealed their soap. Being glycerine means no chemical reaction however the magic facor is just the same.  The soap was turned out on the table and we used recycled paper to wrap soap for ourselves and a person in the older group.

Luke and Adam really got into it and soon there was a pile of wrap soap next to them. They then became the “Sticky Tape Guys” assisting other children in getting the tape off the rolls and onto the paper.



The children paired up with a buddy for our walk to the forge. As our route took us off the busier road, the normal two and a half block walk was extended by a  one block. I just had to chuckle as I overheard someone comment to a buddy, “I thought it was just like over the road”

It was very exciting to see the hot steel being pounded, because, as all children could tell you, that is how they make swords. Then one only needs a “spinning thing” to sharpen the blade. Conrad had one of those girders as well. The forge was like a treasure trove of machines. “Conrad, what’s this machine?” ” Conrad, what does this one do?” “And this one?” “What’s that?”  One was a huge hammer that crushed a block of wood,

then there was a steam engine and another one that cut a piece of steel like it was paper.

Conrad then showed us a drill press that is hand operated. And all to soon it was time to go back.

Back at the Community Centre it was time to make a fire. The rain had completely drenched the remains from yesterday’s fire and the Fire Knight team , consisting of Qaid, Imaan, Leah Leila and Mitchell, had to first clear out the water from the grill. They then proceeded to build a lovely fire that was just the thing for warming your hands after playing on the wet  roundabout.

While fire was burning down Tahirih and Emma started making the rolls for the grid. The work was continued in relay teams of two and the teams task was to make 25 rolls out of each 1kg of dough. We have invited the other holiday programmes children to join us and we needed a lot of rolls.

What happened next is an  unexplained mystery. The fire was burned down, the coals open up and the bread rolls on the grid. The fire unceremoniously lost heat and only about  ten rolls got cooked properly. It was too late in the day to start another fire.  A chorus of aaaahhhh was heard but children didn’t seem to mind too much as they took home the dough for oven-baking.

So a definite item for tomorrow’s schedule: BURN STUFF.


3 thoughts on “A visit to the forge!

  1. wow! what a day…did we really do all that stuff today! i knew it was busy. The trip to the forge was such a highlight…i think there may be mini-blacksmiths in the making now 🙂 thanks Patsy for a great blog about the day

  2. We made very delicious cheese stuffed, pan fried, flat breads with the dough that Fynn brought home, and ate them with soup for dinner. Thanks.

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