Bags & potatoes, soap & marshmellows, candles & bread!


Running a programme built around the element of fire is possibly one of the most exciting ways to approach a week with children – it is all about creating, making and eating! On Monday we made ash bags and baked potatoes. Tuesday focused on soap and marshmallows. Today we were busy with candles and bread.

The bread was warm, buttery and sweet! We made it in the afternoon, when the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Bread was baked on a fire created by the “Spark Masters”, Matthew, Samuel, Luca, Tariq and Isabella worked together to create a beautiful event!

The candles were red, white and rounded on the edges! We used toilet paper rolls, milk bottle tops, prestick, wicks and ice to create designs in the red wax before adding in some white, creating beautiful patterns on the sides of the candles. Children loved them so much, they carried their own candles around, admiring the designs and smoothness. They could not wait to light them!

A really successful, lovely day for everyone!


4 thoughts on “Bags & potatoes, soap & marshmellows, candles & bread!

  1. These kids have been having such fun this week. At that age I would have loved to be ‘playing’ with fire. But mainly I love all the creative things they’ve been getting up to – so cool!!!

    • Hey Karen…yes the children had an amazing time last week…think anybody at any age loves to play though, dont you…hmm keep thinking we need to have a day of play for adults too!

  2. Hi…. just wondering how you were able to use loo rolls as moulds, how did you plug up the end to allow them to hold wax!?

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