Today we made soap!

The day began with smelling home made lavender soap! Then the children started making their own!! The older group made soap with caustic soda and oils while the younger group made soap with glycerine.

My group made their soap first while Patsy’s group played outside this morning. The process started with laying out all the materials we needed, going through the steps of the process, getting our safety gear on (the most exciting part of it all) and then working with the ingredients. We had to melt in the coconut oil and vegetable shortening, then add in the olive oil. Making sure it did not get too hot. Next came caustic soda and water, mixing together with great care while the water got hotter! We gave both solutions time to cool down and went outside to play…

While my group took a break and played outside, Patsy’s group got busy with their glycerine soap! They also wore protective gear if they could and spent a long time chopping up their glycerine bars to melt them down. Using a knife to cut soap turned out to be a great deal of fun and required huge amounts of concentration!

While we waited for mixtures to cool inside, my group played on the round-a-bout…this proved to be endlessly fun! What I always find fascinating about children is how repetition is not boring because in fact they are not repeating themselves, they seem to be constantly innovating as they go along. The round-a-bout games today changed each time as children tried something new, improved on a particular pushing technique or negotiated social dynamics. A round-a-bout spin is nothing less than a rich social space where a group of young people are figuring out how they can do something together…it is not always easy. There were a few mishaps along the way. Some scraped toes and elbows. Some tears when the round-a-bout went too fast and frustration when it went too slow. Towards the middle of day we had a discussion as a group about how we can use the round-a-bout in a way that everyone was satisfied and felt safe. Their solution…to decide on criteria for the people who were going to push it! Since this was the person who had the most control over what was happening! The group felt they should try potential pusher’s out and see who was the qualified for the job. Quite an interesting decision to make…I wonder what will happen now…

Since fire is about being in action and feeling passionate about what you are doing, the children’s enthusiasm about whatever they are doing is encouraged, acknowledged and supported during this programme. It appears that so far they are loving almost everything we have been up to!


4 thoughts on “Today we made soap!

    • Hi Janet – I am delighted you enjoyed the feedback! That is the whole idea, to connect you and your child with each other…it is all about building relationships by sharing information 🙂

    • Hi Jeana – Glad you liked what we wrote about! It was such an amazing activity it was hard not to share everything. Always love writing, so let me know what you would need 🙂

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