27 June 2011 First Day of FIRE programme

Ash Bag Sewing Circle

Our FIRE holiday event-  Creating Something New From the Remains of Fire started off with a bang. After a brief welcome, we divided into our groups and got down to the business of getting to know one another. The weather was glorious and we were able to spend time outdoors too.  We are planning is a fire every day around midday, weather permitting and of course, everybody wants to be part of that. For that purpose we selected  Fire-teams each with a Fire-captain. Each team found a spot in the room to work in,  decided on a name and designed a symbol that represented them. Each team will be responsible for the building and making the fire on one of the days this week.

The best known remain of fire is ash. We challenged the children to come up with some uses for ash. We (Tahirih and Patsy) have a list of  ten; one being making lye for handmade soap. A great use that is not on our list is using ash during ceremonies – trust South African children to know that. We then spent some time making bags from hessian that children can fill with ash to take home for, well, home-use.

The Hades team build the fire today; and remain from today’s fire – baked potatoes!



2 thoughts on “27 June 2011 First Day of FIRE programme

    • Dear Rahla – yes the children were very happy last week indeed! Gidon loved making fire when it was his turn…he kept announcing it was the first time he had used a match!

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