What we made last week!

The home schooling programme came to an end on friday with an air of exultation! The children have managed to create the sail board they decided to make on tuesday…it is much bigger than a skate board though. The final creation has a modified wind surfing sail, with a mast and boom built out of bamboo. The bottom of the board has 4 wheels recycled from an old bicycle and a small farm trailer, the seat is from an old chair. The children did almost everything themselves, from designing to drilling, cutting, sanding, screwing and assembling (with a support from Karsten, Vanessa and Vanda…the team of adults who joined us for the week). The children were unbelievably delighted with what they made and so they should be. It is an incredible experience to take an idea and translate it into some concrete which you can touch and in this case…ride! There are a few finishing touches to be added so we have decided to come together again next friday to complete it all, name the sail board and enjoy riding it 🙂

The programme has exceeded my expectations in so many ways…it went from being about to small group of children working together and turned into a community happening! Having parents and other interested adults involved in the week long experience of the group made it a rich and rewarding space to be in. Thank you to every one who rolled up their sleeves and helped out!



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