Home schoolers workshop begins!


Yesterday we started our very first workshop specifically designed for children who are being homeschooled. The programme started with a group of 13 children from a variety of different places in and around Cape Town. It was very exciting when we came together for the first time. We spent the morning getting to know each other and then later on we learned about our different working styles to prepare ourselves for the group work in the days ahead.  The focus of the programme is a group project – the children are going to choose the project they want to focus on. It is a very opened ended process!

This morning we started off by talking about what the different working styles meant for group work. The children seem to really enjoy learning about themselves and each other through this process. There are elephants, tigers, peacocks and eagles. Each with their own strengths. The second part of the morning was spent developing possible project ideas. Children choose what idea they wanted to develop after we did a collective brainstorming session. Six ideas were chosen – zero gravity experiment, sail board creation, a high pressure water pump, a model sail boat, a hover board and a jungle model. Each idea was presented to the whole group after some work was done to develop it further. Then we voted…it was hard for the group to select the idea they wanted the most. The competition between the sail board idea and the jungle model was very close but in the end it was the sail board which won out. So tomorrow we begin working on designing the sail board, figuring out what materials are needed and seeing who is going to do what. I am learning a lot in the process too!


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