Earth Week comes to an end!!

And so we come to the end of our Earth Week and the Amazing Race!!

We had a varied day where we rearranged our activities to accommodate quite a few people leaving at different times through the day – it seems the World Cup excitement is hotting up!! We started off this morning playing a game called My Granny’s Knickers!! It was hilarious – it also created a wonderful energy for the day!!
We then completed the trophies we had been working on which were for using as part of our final Tribal Council for the Amazing Race!! Once they were done we switched off the lights, we lit the candles and started our Tribal Council. This took the form of each child presenting the trophy they had made to the person they had made it for and then recognizing some way in how that person had impacted them this week. Everyone else had the option to add to the recognitions too!! It is a special and personal time and I love watching how children really soak up being recognized as an individual.
We then made some popcorn together which was really exciting to watch pop as we had a pot with a glass lid!! Mmmmm, it was delicious!! As there were only a few of us left by now, we took a quick trip to Dalebrook pool to celebrate the end of Earth week and enjoy the amazing day – a wonderful end to a great week!!


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