Dune Challenges In the Amazing Race – Day 4

It was a special ending to a perfect day today when we wrapped up our day. I asked the children what their best part of today was and each answered that the whole day was amazing!! And yes it was!!


The intrepid Amazing Racers set off for False Bay station, excited at the prospect of having the responsibility of buying their own train tickets. And then we were off to Fish Hoek where we walked to the Clovelly end of the beach. Here was the dune where our next challenge took place. Each team had time to build their base and then the challenge began – capture the other team’s flag and get it back to your own base!! It took far longer than anyone anticipated – those flags were well hidden!! Once the Vipers had captured the Lost & Found flag we had an ice-cream on Fish Hoek beach before we went off to St James for the rest of the afternoon!! After taking advantage of the excellent weather and getting wet and exploring the rock pools and finding a huge starfish – we got back to Planet Kids just before 4!!

I am sure that everyone will sleep well tonight – it was a wonderfully tiring day out in the sun exploring our world!!


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