Hot Choc and Challenges on Day 3 of Earth Week

I had a discussion with the children yesterday about what they would like to do if we had another weather day like yesterday and they said they wanted hot choc and a movie!! As we decided to postpone the hike because of the weather forecast for today, we each got to make our own hot choc and had a movie. We also had Taylor selling some delicious homemade goodies like muffins and popcorn!!!


And the weather played along for us as we set off with a compass each and a set of directions to follow to our next Amazing Race challenges!! Our challenges were based at a playground along the vlei. As the group was small today, we decided to do the challenges as a team. So the children had to do things like balance the see-saw with everyone on it and no feet touching the ground, climb from one side of the swings to the other without touching the ground, wrapping a rope 3x around a dome shaped climbing frame…. – all of these were done as team activities!! I enjoyed seeing how they found ways to make it work, how some worked together, how some waited for direction, how some took over – all great team dynamics to look at and learn from!! And tomorrow promises to be fun when we have a challenge to capture the other team’s flag from their base on the beach!!



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