The Amazing Race kicks off on Earth Week

The theme for our Earth week is the Amazing Race (with some Survivor elements in it too!!) – this give the children the opportunity to experience ways of moving around and experiencing their environment!!


So today started off with dividing the group into two teams with a range of ages in each team.  Their task this morning was to create their group identity.  They made team flags, bandanas, something to get their “tree mail” in and they painted their faces!!  Each team made up their names and we have The Vipers and Lost & Found!! What I really loved was watching how, in the breaks before we went out in the afternoon, the groups tended to play together!! So after a morning of transforming themselves they had to search for the first Roadblock.  This gave them directions and a map to find their way to Muizenberg beach ( in the interests of safety we all walked together and they had to make sure we went the right way!!

Their first activity when we got to the beach was to make a car in the sand as a team with a seat for everyone to sit on, with a steering wheel, etc.  The children paid a lot of attention to detail – so there were doors  and lights and other decorations!

We then played a game of Kubb – this is a team game which can be played by all ages and involves some throwing of batons to hit down some wooden cubes – it is involved and it requires some strategy and some skill in throwing!! This game took a long time so we created a play-off to decide the winner and The Vipers won!! After that it was back to Planet Kids and the end of the day!!

A wonderful start to our week and lots more exciting challenges ahead!!


One thought on “The Amazing Race kicks off on Earth Week

  1. Hi Kim! I am so excited about this new earth programme. The children look as if they have really enjoyed creating their teams. I can’t wait to see how things unfold as they collectively tackle the challenges that come their way as a group. I am also excited to see what they create for the trophies they are making to hand out at the end! Thanks for creating this innovative, group activity 🙂

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