The end of Air…

It is friday evening and with it comes the end our exploration of air this week. It has been another action packed, creative week. I loved the energy of the group who joined us this week too. They seemed to really get along with each other and throughout the week new friendships formed as children learned to trust each other more. This was one of the ‘hidden’ aspects of the week. Kim and I had the children participate in games and activities at the beginning of each week which helped them explore their relationship to trust and to give them opportunites to develop trust. It was lovely to witness it in action.

Today the children spent the morning completing their art projects – flying objects and wind sculptures. It was amazing to watch their creations take shape and form. With most of them completed we headed off to the beach again since all the children wanted to go back again. The warm, misty weather made the experience a real joy. The children played in the waves…getting wet even though they tried to escape the rising tide. Well, at least that is what they said! Towards the end of the day we made our way back to Planet Kids to create the wind sculpture garden. This was a real experiment too. Each sculpture responded in some way to the wind, but some were more responsive than others. The kids were able to work out that the sculptures with a very balanced arrangement of blades and something heavy to give the central piece mass, seemed to work the best. With this we ended our week…everyone rushed off to enjoy the weekend. Some of the children will be returning next week for Earth Week (and the amazing race) so until then…



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