Day 4 of the fire holiday programme!

It is Thursday and we have just completed the 4th day of a week long exploration of fire. Wednesday was an eventful day. It began with Lisa Cohen giving a story telling performance in the sunshine outside on the grass.


Next the children prepared their food for the braai later on the afternoon. For this, the younger group made up sandwiches to grill on the fire…They did it all themselves, from grating cheese to buttering bread and cutting tomoatoes. Needless to say, they absolutely loved the experience! Who would have thought such simple activities can generate such delight? My group made pizzas. They first made the pizza dough, let it rise and then covered their pizza bases with a delicious array of toppings. The decision to make pizzas to braai was a group choice and one that resulted in a fair amount of experimentation when it came to figuring out how one can effectively cook a pizza on a braai grid! But that comes later…with our food prepared, the group walked over the vlei nearby and began building fires.


We have 3 different fire building teams. Two fires were for cooking and one was a bonfire where everyone made scrumptious smores at the end of the afternoon. In between fire building (and being smoked out a few times) the children played next to the river, climbed trees, told each other stories and hung out. It was lovely to be part of such a lovely group of human beings! Once the fires were all set up, we had a special fire juggling performance by Vincent Meyburgh from the Jungle Theatre. His theatrical delivery made even more special. The group loved it! The day ended with a lot of cooking, eating and wishing that time did not pass to quickly….


This morning we brought both groups together to work on collaborative story making – an activity which delighted some children and terrified others. The four groups we set up, were given the same instructions but the outcome was entirely different. There was a story about a vampire who needed medical help, one about Mr. Bean and a broken washing machine, one about a waitress, an adoring customer and an active chef, while another was about a wolf and a hunter. The diversity of their group efforts reminded me of how important it is for children to be given space to express their own ideas and to play. They have a lot going on in there! With the stories created and performed, we went off to enjoy the sunshine at Muizenberg beach before coming back to Planet Kids to complete the fire sculptures. Almost everyone has managed to complete their sculpture by now…tomorrow we burn them! I can’t wait to see how it goes…will let you know more then 🙂



4 thoughts on “Day 4 of the fire holiday programme!

  1. Thanks for posting Tahirih! Its so great to be able to track what the children have been up to through y :our blog. At the end of the day I am able to engage in better quality conversations with my two who are having a great time with you guys. We’re nearly at the end of the week and already they’re all revved up for the camp you are planning in the September holidays “We’re ready to sleep out Mom!!”

    Thanks for an awesome experience so far!

  2. Hi Shirley!

    Thank you for the feedback. It has been a fantastic week. I have really enjoyed having your children with us. They have brought a lot of energy, enthusiasm and creativity to our daily sessions. I would love to have them with us on our next camp…if all goes as planned we will be having a 2 day river rafting trip in September and then a camp in December…they may get their wish to sleep out after all 🙂

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