Day 2 of the fire winter holiday programme!

So today was the second day of our fire winter holiday programme at planet kids…it was an amazing day. We had 25 children participating in both classes! My group of 10 grew to 15 which made for a lively day.


The children worked on completing their candles from yesterday, with some new forms of experimentation in using wax. The dipping candles became much more ornate and complex. Kyra created one with 2 different colours layered and carved. Luke built on which had a very large base. It was great to see the group learn from each other as they explored what was possible with warm wax and wicks. While some of the group worked on candle making, the others worked on the skeletons for their emerging fire sculptures.


Tallulah and Taylor are creating a 3-d lady and they completed her skirt this afternoon…it is an ambitious undertaking. Luke completed his sword – wire and straw…so he is waiting to burn it later in the week.


Kyra is making a pentagon – she has also completed the basic skeleton and will begin adding straw and paper on thursday. Sophie and Maria have made a collaborative heart and so have Zahra and Georgie. They all joined us today for the first time. It was great to have them with us!


Sean is making a can which he wants to put on a base. Ella and Natalie as working together to create a 2-d leaf and a 3-d rain drop. Maxine made the body and head of her chinese dragon!


Declan had a bumpy ride as he tried to create a sphere – very ambitious undertaking! Onyx is making a chicken…he completed the skeleton this afternoon and started adding the straw…only to discover he is allergic…hmm so he is going to have to find something else to work with instead. So much to discover and explore…it is amazing how little it takes to stimulate children’s creativity. I am loving the experience 🙂



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