Our winter holiday programmes have started!


Today was the beginning of our winter holiday programmes. Our theme is Fire!! An appropriate theme since the weather has been so cold…I am looking forward to the bonfire we have planned for Wednesday!

This morning we were joined by 18 children. Kim had 8 in her group between the ages of 6 and 9 and I had 10 with me who are between 9 and 12. Their energy was high and everyone really enjoyed being able to play in doors on the amazing recreational equipment that Planet Kids has to offer. Especially on cold, rainy days like this one. We spent the morning getting to know each other through drama games.

After that the children worked on sand candles…an activity which evolved into dipping candles too. Warm wax is such an amazing substance…it seems to inspire creativity and exploration!



In the afternoon, the group started designing their fire sculptures. It looks as if my group is going to be making a whole range of things – a sword, lady, chicken, pentagon, sphere, Chinese dragon, triangle, cross…Tomorrow they will start working with the wire. I am eager to see what their original plans become as they learn to manipulate this metal! Til then…


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